* The lowest apparent temperature of 0C recorded in Abu Samra

Qatar shivered Friday with strong wind speed triggering the lowest apparent temperature of 0C recorded in Abu Samra at 7.45pm, according to the Met office.
Apparent temperature is the temperature equivalent perceived by humans, caused by the combined effects of air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed.

The actual temperature Friday was in the range of 10C (Abu Samra) - 18C (Wakra) Friday. The minimum temperature was in the 10C - 14C (Ruwais) range and the maximum in the 15C (Al Khor) - 18C range.
Strong winds will continue Saturday in some areas, but their intensity will be less than Friday. The marine warning will continue during the next two days, cold spell will continue until the middle of next week and temperature expected to reach less than 6C in south areas.

The forecast for Saturday is temperature in the 6C (Abu Samra) - 19C (Mesaieed) range. The minimum temperature is in the 6C - 14C (Ruwais) range and the maximum, in the 16C (Dukhan) - 19C range.
The country is witnessing a relatively cold to cold and dusty weather due to strong northwesterly winds, as explained by the Met office.

Friday, strong winds were detected in most areas with gusts of up to 30 kt sometimes, and the apparent temperature ranging between 2C-9C in different regions.

PICTURES: Shaji Kayamkulam

Saturday, northwesterly wind speed is expected in the 8 kt - 18 kt range and reaching 24 kt at places during daytime inshore. The offshore wind forecast is 17 kt - 27 kt, gusting 37 kt at times.
Sea state inshore is expected to be 2-4ft, rising to 5ft at times and offshore 4 - 8ft, rising to 12ft at times.
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