Qatar Charity (QC) announced on Thursday the operation of a convoy of 10 trucks as a first batch containing food baskets including basic supplies, clothes, and fuel for heating, as an urgent response to the humanitarian needs in the Syrian refugee camps in the Arsal area on the Syrian-Lebanese border after snowfall in recent days.

This aid falls under the Arsal Relief campaign, which falls within the framework of QC's Warmth and Peace campaign, and will be distributed in six camps in cooperation with the Islamic Authority for Welfare.

This aid comes at a time when the severe cold wave continues in the Arsal region, where the snow falls and the cold reaches sub-zero temperatures at night. The area is currently experiencing the impact of a snow storm, the second of its kind during the winter, and camp residents suffer from a lack of heating materials, and some tents were damaged due to the flow of melting snow and rain into the tents. The aid aims to provide urgent relief aid to provide the basic needs of the affected refugees, especially food and means of heating to alleviate their suffering.

This coincides with a high cost crisis experienced by Syrian refugees, especially the prices of heating materials, which has prevented many families from being able to provide heating for their children in these camps located in the very cold mountainous areas.