The Police College will celebrate Thursday, the graduation of the fourth batch of 91 candidates amid Covid-19 precautionary and preventive measures, QNA reported.
During a press conference held by the college Wednesday, Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs at the Police College Lt Col Yousef Bilal al-Abdullah said that the new batch constitutes a qualitative addition to the security and police sector in Qatar, given the science, knowledge and high-level training programmes they have received that are in line with the best international standards.
Lt Col al-Abdullah added that the graduates spent four years at the Police College, during which they learnt legal sciences, police sciences, and military training which qualifies them to be officers in the Ministry of Interior or the military authorities to which they are affiliated.
Company Commander in the college's Training Department Major Jassim Abdullah al-Khater said that the fourth batch had the largest share of the training by virtue of its participation in the graduation ceremonies of the previous batches of the college, which gave it sufficient experience in field performances.
He affirmed that the Police College, through the Training Department, always aspires to present distinguished military performances, indicating that the field is the mirror that reflects the quality of the programmes offered to students during the four years, whether military or sports training programmes or specialised training.
In this context, he said that the fourth batch spent four years, which included 1,490 hours of military training and other specialised training, as well as 780 hours of sports training in fitness and self-defence.
He also pointed out that this batch was involved in a number of specialised courses like parachute jump, diving courses, thunderbolt courses, and riot courses, in addition to practical applications in the departments of the Ministry of Interior, such as the General Traffic Department, the Fazaa Department, the Criminal Investigation Department, investigation centres and the National Command Center (NCC).
Major al-Khater pointed out that the ceremony will witness the participation of 67 students from the Friends of the Police College from the Tomorrow Officers' Programme for the fourth time in a row, explaining that the students prepared well to perform military shows (infantry, formations, and movements with weapons). During the press conference, the two speakers reviewed all the precautionary and preventive measures that will be implemented during the graduation ceremony, in accordance with the instructions and directives issued by the Ministry of Public Health.
They affirmed that only those who received two doses of the vaccine and have a green and golden frame on the Ehteraz App will be allowed to enter the ceremony, as well as prevention of entry to children, except for those under the age of 12, provided that they have recovered from the disease during the past nine months, and obtained a health certificate from an approved health centre.
The two speakers called on all invited to bring the invitation card and to show it at the entrance gate, and commit to wearing a face mask throughout the stay in the college, pointing out that a platform has been allocated for families and women, along with a special entrance, in which all the precautionary measures are applied.
They pointed out that the health conditions prevented the total capacity of the concert platform from being occupied, after the Ministry of Public Health identified only about 50% of it in the application of the rules of social distancing, to preserve the safety of all.
They also noted that the entrance gates will open from 5am for the guests of the ceremony, who are invited by the parents, and will close at 7.30am. Guests of the Ministry of Interior and dignitaries will be received until 8am.
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