South Korean embassy highlights Korean culture and history at DIBF-2022
January 18 2022 10:10 PM
Some of the popular games are also on display at the embassy booth. PICTURES: Shaji Kayamkulam
Some of the popular games are also on display at the embassy booth. PICTURES: Shaji Kayamkulam

The South Korean embassy is highlighting the Korean culture and history with a number of books related to the country’s heritage at the Doha International Book Fair (DIBF) 2022, an official said.

Yuran Nam
“We have about 200 books on various aspects of Korea but we do not sell any books here. The topics of our books also include culinary, tourism, and children’s books which are available in Korean, English and even Arabic languages,” Yuran Nam, researcher at the embassy told Gulf Times.
The book fair, held under the slogan 'Knowledge is Light', features literary works of local, regional, and internationally-renowned authors and publishers from 37 countries across the globe. Organised by the Ministry of Culture's Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Centre, the fair was opened on January 13. Nine embassies are participating in the fair while the US embassy is participating as the guest of honour.

“Our booth also features some of the interactive and traditional games of the country such as Ddak-ji and Tu ho which are popular. We have a section of the books dealing with the history of our nation. We have several books promoting tourism to Korea as well as various attractions of the country. For those who want to learn more about Korea and its culture, we provide books about the country at the embassy,” explained Nam.
“We also have books on economy as well as technology. Other than books, we are also highlighting some of the leading magazines and other publications of the country. There are also a number of children’s books which are in high demand back in Korea,” the researcher said.
The official also noted that some of the works of the leading writers of the country are on display at the book fair.
“We are really excited to participate in this edition of the book fair. We have associated with the book fair in its previous editions too. This is a great occasion for us to highlight the culture of the country as well as to showcase the prominent destinations in our country. Qatar and Korea have very strong bilateral ties and the book fair is an occasion to highlight the strong ties,” Nam added.
The ongoing book fair is witnessing very strong participation from the general public. Due to Covid- 19 restrictions, Visitors are allowed only up to 30% capacity of the venue. The fair will conclude on January 22.

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