President of National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, Salem al-Meslet, has thanked Qatar for its firm and continuing support to Syrians while taking up efforts to solve the existing crisis.
Addressing a press conference at the Syrian embassy in Doha Tuesday, he noted that Qatar is extending support at political, humanitarian, relief and other levels to solve the crisis.
Al-Meslet explained that Qatar has affirmed its stand to continue the support and HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani assured him of further humanitarian aid for Syrian people.
“We have seen from the Qatari brothers their firmness while supporting the Syrian cause and the Syrian people, and our meeting with Qatari officials was distinctive and positive,” he said, adding that consultation with Doha is important and continuous. “We need our brothers and listen to their point of view, and we need to search for and speed up finding a solution in order to end the Syrian suffering,” he said.
Al-Meslet pointed out that the trilateral Qatar-Russia-Turkey coalition that was established in Doha last year has made some progress while working to solve the crisis. He said that he held conversations with UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen and US embassy Doha charge d’affaires Natalie A Baker.
“The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces is working hard in co-operation with various parties in Syria and abroad to ease the sufferings and lift the siege imposed by the Syrian regime on various areas,” he said adding that the coalition took many steps to resolve the crisis with support from more than 110 countries.
He added that the Syrian people suffer in all aspects of life including education, health, food and other necessary matters and basic needs, as well as asylum, displacement and arrest, indicating that the coalition is working to alleviate this suffering for the people, and is struggling for it in cooperation with the relevant parties at home and abroad.
He expressed his rejection of any Arab effort to normalise ties with the Syrian regime saying it's "reward for the regime for its crimes."
"The regime's return to the Arab League, and any attempt to normalise relations with the regime is a reward for the regime for its crimes,” he explained.
"We hope to find a quick solution to the Syrian issue, and we want to see a solution that relieves the suffering of our people," he added.
Al-Meslet condemned the Houthi attack, which targeted two areas in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, and said: "We condemn every terrorist act targeting any Arab country.
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