CCQ adopts synchronous lectures in its outreach to students
January 17 2022 10:54 PM
Dr Khalid al-Abdulqader
Dr Khalid al-Abdulqader

The Community College of Qatar (CCQ) has adopted the synchronous online teaching method, along with face-to-face teaching, since the beginning of this Spring semester.
The new approach is part of CCQ’s efforts to support the learning needs of students under home quarantine in light of the current epidemiological situation, vice president Dr Khalid al-Abdulqader said on Monday.
Synchronous teaching allows instructors to deliver lectures in-person to students who attend class on campus, and at the same time, broadcast the lectures online to students who are under home quarantine, so that they can interact with the instructor and participate in the classroom discussions, it was explained in a statement.
"CCQ is keen on providing students with an all-round learning experience, and that was the reason for introducing synchronous online lectures that maintain interaction between students and their instructors and help quarantined students follow their study plan," the official explained.
The method is currently available for all courses, as CCQ organised workshops and prepared orientation materials for instructors and students to acquaint them with the new teaching method and ensure a smooth and effective educational process, Dr al-Abdulqader said.
The synchronous teaching method resulted in 100% attendance in all on-campus lectures, including students attending remotely from their homes. The lectures are recorded and uploaded to Blackboard as a reference for students, in case they faced any difficulty in attending the lecture synchronously. The implementation of the method is supervised by the Teaching and Learning Center in collaboration with the technical support team.

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