* Selection process for five military authorities in the country; Applications should be submitted only by high school graduates of the current year (2021-2022)
The Unified Standing Committee for the Selection of Candidates for Military Officers announced that the opening of the online registration for high school students for 2021-2022 begins on Tuesday. In a press conference held on Monday, the committee clarified that the submission of applications on the committee's website continues until March 31, according to the announced terms and conditions to qualify and have the opportunity to join one of the military authorities in the country.
Head of the Unified Standing Committee for the Selection of Candidates for Military Officers Brigadier General Nasser Abdul Rahman al-Jaber said that the submission this year will be for high school graduates for the current year only 2021-2022 (those currently in study) via the committee's website, provided that the student's age at registration is not more than 21-year-old for male students and 22-year-old for female students.
He pointed out that unifying the process of registering candidates is a step aimed at facilitating procedures, reducing the burden on applicants, and gathering them under one umbrella, comprising five military authorities (the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Interior, the State Security Agency, the Lekhwiya Force, and the Amiri Guard), where the committee was formed from qualified and experienced representatives of these bodies.
He pointed out that the committee aims to select the most appropriate applicants to join the military authorities according to the needs of each party in accordance with the conditions and criteria that were published via the committee's website while ensuring equal opportunities, achieving justice, and selecting the appropriate candidates that meet the conditions and standards.
Brigadier General al-Jaber stressed that the committee spares no effort to select the best outputs from students wishing to join the various military authorities in the country, noting that this year the committee's conditions have been amended so that registration is limited to graduates of the current year from public and private schools. He explained that applications for graduates of last year will not be considered to give the current year's graduates the opportunity to compete for vacant seats.
Lieutenant-Colonel Dr Jabr Hammoud Jabr al-Nuaimi, a member of the Ministry of the Interior and rapporteur of the Unified Standing Committee for the Selection of Candidates for Military Officers, underlined that the accumulated experiences over the previous years and the extended experience of the committee members give great ability to excel at work and to reach appropriate outputs for the selection process for each military authority according to its requirements.
He noted that the committee provides equal opportunities for student applicants by following accurate and transparent criteria in the selection process.
Al-Nuaimi reviewed the conditions for admission to military colleges, including to be a Qatari national, graduate of the year 2021-2022 with a percentage of not less than 70%, the student must not be more than 21 years old, has good conduct, and reputation, and passes exams and medical examinations. He added that the female applicant should not be more than 22 years old, her academic grades should not be less than 80%, and her application should be limited to scientific studies only.
He pointed out that the registration was previously available to desktop computers only, but it was developed this year to be available via an online link from "mobile phone, iPad or laptop" devices to facilitate parents and students. He explained the registration steps, which start with "entering the ID number, date of birth and the expiry date of the ID card." After that, a text message with a verification code is obtained that allows entering the system and completing the required data until agreeing to the terms and conditions, and then confirming that the request is sent.
The rapporteur of the Unified Standing Committee underscored that registration does not mean acceptance, but it is an initial stage followed by several other stages, including the medical examination, which will be on Friday and Saturday of every week, so it does not affect the students' academic achievement, and the personal interview. He indicated that starting the registration on Tuesday, January 18 (middle of the second semester), will allow students to register and have the freedom to choose and determine their desires well before the results of admission are announced.
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