Noted Qatari poet and diplomat Dr Hassan Ali Hussein al-Nama has agreed to publish his poetry collection under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture.
Dr al-Nama was responding to a request from HE the Minister of Culture Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad al-Thani at the 'Inspirers' seminar at the 31st edition of the Doha International Book Fair (DIBF) on Thursday at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre.
Dr al-Nama was the guest of the DIBF at an event telecast live on Doha 360 YouTube channel. He was Interviewed by Dr Rabia al-Kuwari, Professor of Media at Qatar University.
The interview was opened with a quote from HE Sheikh Abdulrahman: “The Doha International Book Fair comes in an exceptional context experienced by the entire world, where societies are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, and intellectuals and creatives participate in facing this challenge by spreading science and knowledge. It is an essential role of the book fair as a space for developing societal awareness, spreading values, exchanging cultures and knowledge among intellectuals, writers and reader.”
Dr al-Nama, a graduate from Cambridge University, UK, was Qatar's ambassador to India, from 1976 to 1989, followed by a stint in the United Nations in New York as his country's permanent representative until 1992, and subsequently, as Qatar's ambassador to Turkey.
During the interview, the multifaceted personality highlighted his interests in cultural exchange between the Qatari literary environment and those of the other Arab countries, and discussed poetry, Arab influence and inspiration, and the impact of Arab values by giving an overview of the first stages of literary development in Qatar especially by those who wrote in literary Arabic and all those who contributed with the local dialect to Qatari poetry.
Dr al-Nama also presented his contributions and his keen interest in the Arab and Sufi heritage, and in the Andalusian muwashahat “al-malouf” as one of his preferred notes.
Al-Nama also called on the Minister of Culture to support and strengthen the bridge between the old generation the “inspirers” and the younger ones with seminars and literary events to instill in them the roots of the Qatari culture and literature.
Given that Dr al-Nama's tenure in India is one of the most prolific and enriching experiences of his life, he also answered a question on his diplomatic career in India: “Time is very short to answer this question. Indira Gandhi was a lover of the modern Arab heritage and we needed many evenings to answer it. She was a source of encouragement for the academics supervising the teaching of Arabic literature” concluded Dr al-Nama.
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