* Among 500 projects submitted by 37 countries at ITEX, six of the QU-YSC scientific research and projects, submitted by high school and university students, won eight prizes in the exhibition

Students from the Qatar University Young Scientists Centre (QU-YSC) succeeded again in the fields of research and innovation, by winning several awards at the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition 2021 (ITEX) in Malaysia.
The exhibition was organised by the International Federation of Inventors Associations and the Institute of Engineering and Technology with the support by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. The exhibition embraces applicable scientific and research ideas and provides a global platform to present, discuss and develop them, thus attracting young people to the science and technology industry.

Among 500 projects submitted by 37 countries, six of the QU-YSC scientific research and projects, submitted by high school and university students, won eight prizes in the exhibition.
ITEX 2021 is an annual event that brings together the best innovations from around the world, and is the leading exhibition for displaying new inventions, technologies and products, and aims to secure investment, manufacturing and marketing opportunities. It also aims to enable young inventors and entrepreneurs to move from scientific discovery to commercial application, in which students and inventors participate in a scientific environment and exchange ideas and scientific discussions.
Jibril al-Mutairi, a student at QU’s College of Engineering, won the silver medal for a research titled “The Effect of UV/Ozone Treatment on Water-Resisting Surfaces and Moisture Sensing Properties of Composite PVDF-BaTiO3 Films.” Student Rashid Al-Asam, of the same college, also won a silver medal for a research titled “Developing Al-SiO2 Lightweight Nano Vehicles for Automotive Applications - Qatar Electric Cars 2022.”
High school student, Baina al-Marri won the gold medal and the top third award for a project titled “Electrospun Nano-Fibre Scaffold for Tissue Engineering.” The same prizes were won by students Salwa al-Kuwari and Fajr al-Shamri for a project titled “Nanopolymer composite for energy harvesting applications.” Students Ali al-Maadeed and Abdulaziz al-Mohannadi, also won the gold medal for a project titled “Highly Water Resistant Membrane Based on PVDF/ZnO Composite Electrostatic Nanofibres for Wastewater and Oil Spill Treatment.” Another gold medal was awarded to Maryam al-Obaidly and Hend al-Dosari, for a research titled “Coating from composite nanomaterials to protect iron from corrosion.”
QU-YSC director Prof Noora al-Thani expressed her pride and happiness at the students' great achievement at the international level, which raises the status of the state and University as a leader in the fields of education, research and innovation. She stressed the Centre's continued interest in sponsoring and supporting students and integrating them into the research environment that motivates them to innovate, and provide opportunities to participate in international research conferences and exhibitions that increase students' skills and integrate them into the research community.
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