Qatar University Young Scientists Centre (QU-YSC) participated in the activities of the WISE 2021 Summit in December by conducting workshops and interactive dialogues.
The event, with the theme ‘Generation Unmute: Reclaiming our Future through Education,’ attracted thousands of innovators and stakeholders in education from all over the world.

QU-YSC's first workshop ‘Methodologies to Foster Learning and Innovation,’ elaborated on the strategies developed to achieve an environment that stimulates innovation and creativity among students. The session also clarified the multiplicity of educational norms used to promote student-centred learning, and showcased how the centre modified its activities to overcome the challenges in education during the Covid-19 pandemic. The workshop was attended by many, including those from Qatar, the US, Palestine and Djibouti.
QU-YSC also presented an interactive dialogue ‘Integrating university students as partners in education for the K-12,’ which attracted the attention of over 100 participants from different countries. Through the dialogue and discussions that followed, another aspect of innovation in education emerged in making university students mentors and educators for younger students from the primary, preparatory and secondary levels. This innovative strategy helps increase student learning efficiency and enhances the role of university students in positively influencing education.
In addition, the centre's team received an invitation to participate in a podcast prepared by students of mass communication at Northwestern University in Qatar.
QU-YSC was awarded the WISE Award for Innovation in Education in 2015 for the Al-Bairaq Programme, which was launched in 2010, with the aim of creating an educational environment that improves learning outcomes and provides a practical learning environment for students to participate in scientific research and capacity building exercises. The outcome was a major leap in the human competencies qualified to study the scientific disciplines in demand in the Qatari and global labour market.
QU-YSC director Prof Noora al-Thani, said: “We are always happy to participate in conferences concerned with education issues, and we are keen to participate to share our experience in this field for more than a decade. Our participation in the WISE conference was a unique opportunity for teaching, learning and broadening perceptions and horizons.”
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