Arab League award for top PHCC official
December 23 2021 12:19 AM
Arab League

Managing Director of Primary Health Care Corp Dr Mariam Ali Abdul Malik gets 'Excellence Award for Arab Women'

The General Secretariat of the Arab League has awarded the Managing Director of Primary Health Care Corp (PHCC), Dr Mariam Ali Abdul Malik, the 'Excellence Award for Arab Women' in recognition of her role in confronting the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, QNA reported.
This year's award has been allocated to women health workers in appreciation of their efforts.
Dr Mariam heads the tactical leadership team for health services in the community, which consists of a number of key partners, in addition to clinical and operational leaders from the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), PHCC, and Hamad Medical Corp (HMC), as they are responsible for leading the planning and implementation of quarantine/isolation facilities in the country.
These institutions are also responsible for planning and managing the capacity of the isolation facilities, as well as preparing policies and procedures related to sanitary isolation practices and ensuring their compatibility with the services of the sector on a large scale.
The healthcare services provided by PHCC are an essential part of the planning and response process for the emergency measures, to ensure a consistent and integrated approach by the authorities concerned in the country, in case of any emergency, to ensure an immediate, effective and optimal response,
In addition to the rapid and immediate measures taken to ensure business continuity and the sustainability of basic services during the pandemic, the corp launched a package of distance services, that reduce direct contact between patients and service providers, which in turn, should reduce the chances of spreading the virus.
The distance services include telephone and video counselling services, the inauguration of the community call centre and home delivery of medicines, taking advantage of the latest technology tools and harnessing them to confront the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as to provide more innovative and advanced health solutions to meet the needs of patients.
In co-operation with MoPH and HMC, PHCC is at the forefront of institutions that provide Covid-19 examination services, follow-up and direct Covid-19 cases through their centres that have been designated for this purpose, in addition to vehicle-examination service in 14 centres, which contributed to the successful implementation of the national immunisation programme against coronavirus.
These services have been provided within the framework of expanding the national programme for vaccination against the virus, as the centre was able to vaccinate more than 650,000 people during its operation period.

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