Bixos has rapidly entered the cryptocurrency market, working on blockchain technologies. The company has Founded in the United States of America, Delaware. Many investors worldwide joined Bixos and claimed that they were happy with the return on their investment. In addition, the well-known work Bixos has done in Europe allowed it to expand and let investors in the Arabian peninsula take the opportunity.

The well-known businessman Faisal Al Meshari, who continues his activities in Saudi Arabia, has signed a massive deal with Bixos Inc.

Regarding the details of the agreement, the founder and CEO of the company, Mikail Emre Caliskan, explained: “With our long-term work, we have achieved significant success in the crypto market. As a result of the contacts we maintained, this was an investment we expected. I might even call it the beginning. Those who closely follow our company know that such investments are not a surprise. We have also made significant investments in many parts of Europe. The successes we achieved must have echoed in the Arabian countries, which have carried us to where we are today. I want to thank  Faisal Al Meshari for trusting us in this matter. Our expert team is working diligently to make the best use of investments, regardless of the hour, without leaving room for error.”

Stating that Bixos, which achieved outstanding success in a short time, aims to receive an investment of 100 million dollars by the second quarter of next year, Caliskan added, “We know that our business partnership with Mr. Faisal Al Meshari is important for us. I fully believe that the technologies we have developed will provide similar investment opportunities from many other parts of the world. So much so that the trust of our investors in us gives us the strength to reach our company goals. 

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