The Ambulance Service at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) will deploy 116 vehicles across the country at the various sites Saturday, on the occasion of Qatar National Day (QND) celebrations, a senior official said.
Ali Darwish, assistant executive director of the Ambulance Service, told local Arabic daily Arrayah that the services will cover the area of the national parade on Doha Corniche from early morning with vehicles and five bicycles in addition to four teams made up of eight persons with all necessary equipment.
They would provide on-the-spot assistance if needed.

In addition, there will be three field clinics positioned on both sides of the Corniche.
An area will be designated to quarantine those suspected of being infected with the coronavirus (Covid-19).
There will be also a logistic services vehicle to support the paramedics on site.
All the efforts will be co-ordinated through the National Command Centre (NCC).
Aspire Park will be covered by both ambulance vehicles and bicycles, with four pedestrian field teams which will receive calls from the NCC to act instantly.
The camps at the Sealine Area would be served by 13 vehicles: six 4x4 ambulances and seven patient transport vehicles.
Other seaside areas and beaches will be covered as well.
The ambulance helicopter will also be ready to transport any urgent case.