Bangladesh ambassador in Doha Mohamed Jashim Uddin commended the great and active role played by Qatar at the regional and international levels regarding the issues of sustainable development goals, food security, climate change, health and education, and wished Qatar and the Qatari people continued success, peace and prosperity.
In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the occasion of National Day, he said that Qatar, under the visionary leadership of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, continues to make remarkable progresses in all four pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030, overcoming challenges on multiple fronts.
The ambassador lauded the economic success of Qatar during the Covid-19 pandemic, adding that Qatar emphasised on international collaboration and allowed maximum openness while being mindful of the preventive measures in response to the pandemic.
He added that effective health policy, whole government approach and the medical facilities in Qatar have stood the test of the pandemic and as such the country could successfully stem the tide of the virus.
Covid-19 is not only a health issue but is also a test case for projecting good quality leadership as it involves protecting human lives, as well as ensuring the economic wellbeing of the citizens and the residents, in addition to economic success of Qatar and effective control of the Covid-19 outbreak manifest the successful Qatari leadership, he pointed out.
Regarding his vision of Qatar's preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the ambassador said, "The commitment of the Qatari leadership is to present a flawless World Cup to the football lovers who would be coming from all over the world in November 2022," adding his congratulations to "the workers, including Bangladeshi workers, who built the excellent FIFA World Cup 2022 infrastructure including the state-of-the-art stadiums. I think Qatar is now completely ready, as I can tell from the way the Arab Cup has been organised, to host the mega event in 2022 in style and grandeur."
The relations between Bangladesh and Qatar are excellent and are based on three strong pillars, he noted, pointing out that the first pillar is the presence of large Bangladeshi diaspora in Qatar who are contributing to the extraordinary development work of this country, second being the burgeoning bilateral trade which has witnessed an upward surge in recent years and has crossed the billion dollar mark, and the third is more like a basket which includes diverse areas of co-operation such as investment, and co-operation in diverse sectors such as health, sports, education and culture.
The ambassador affirmed that Bangladesh would like to work closely with Qatar, adding that he keenly looks forward to the exchange of high-level visits both from Bangladesh and Qatar, in addition to enhanced co-operation in the area of health, education, culture and sports in alignment with the perspective vision of Bangladesh as a knowledge-based economy and a developed country by 2041, and the perspective vision of Qatar as an advanced country by 2030.