QU hosts graduation ceremony for PHCC school nurses
December 13 2021 08:14 PM
The graduates and officials at the ceremony.
The graduates and officials at the ceremony.


The College of Health Sciences at Qatar University (QU) collaborated with the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) in hosting a graduation ceremony for 325 nurses who received intensive training of 24 hours divided into six modules over six weeks.
The graduation ceremony started with opening remarks by Prof Asmaa al-Thani, vice president of Medical and Health Sciences at QU followed by Dr Layla AlDahnaim, manager of School Health at PHCC and Dr Hanan Abdul Rahim, dean of College of Health Sciences.
This programme is part of the strategic partnership and collaboration between QU Health and Qatar's national health care system. The event aims to recognise and celebrate the outcomes of this extensive training programme, which began with the needs assessment of the school nurses’ training needs through content development and delivery.
Dr Rahim said: "School health nurses are a vital part of the public health system, and their impact extends well beyond the school walls into the larger community. This training programme aimed to develop their professional capacity and was prepared carefully and thoughtfully by faculty members in the Department of Public Health at the College of Health Sciences and the Department of Human Nutrition with consultation and collaboration from colleagues in School Health."
Dr AlDahnaim, added: “Based on the goals and visions of the school health programme, the School Health Department at the PHCC, in cooperation with the College of Health Sciences at Qatar University, has prepared the intensive training programme in preventive and public health, which is one of the pillars of training for school nursing as community health nurses. The effectiveness of this training for school nurses and the positive impact of utilising such valuable training outcomes in nursing practicing will enhance students’ health and promotion.”
Feedback received from participants was highly positive with regard to the content and delivery of the sessions and the anticipated benefits. Moving forward, the College of Health Sciences plans to continue delivering engaging training sessions related to public health topics.

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