Malabar Gold & Diamonds has launched the ‘Malabar Gold & Diamonds Festival’ in Qatar.
The festival brings "unprecedented opportunities" to win free gold coins with diamond jewellery purchases, the leading jeweller has said in a statement.
Customers can get a free 1gm gold coin on any diamond jewellery purchase worth QR4,000 and a free ½ gm gold coin on a diamond jewellery purchase worth QR2,500. The above offers will be running until January 5, 2022, across all outlets in Qatar.
The jeweller is also offering zero deduction on 22K (GCC) gold exchange.
Malabar Gold & Diamonds has also unveiled the latest collection of jewellery in gold, diamonds and precious gems to suit the tastes of their multicultural and multinational customers.
These designs have been incorporated as a part of the various brands presented at Malabar Gold & Diamonds, namely Ethnix - Handcrafted Designer Jewellery; Era - Uncut Diamond Jewellery; Mine - Diamonds Unlimited; Divine- Indian Heritage Jewellery; and Precia - Gem Jewellery.