Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. (AAB), distributors for Toyota vehicles in Qatar, organised a felicitation ceremony for members of Aoun Qatar, appreciating their commitment and dedication towards helping people who are stuck with their vehicles in the desert.
Aoun Qatar is a group of Qataris volunteering to help people stuck or lost in the desert, a statement from AAB explained.
The honouring ceremony held at Mesaieed was attended by Aoun Qatar members and AAB's senior officials.
"We truly appreciate Aoun Qatar team for dedicating your time free of charge to help the community and people in need of help,” AAB's senior manager - marketing Firas Mufti said.
AAB's customer service director Kamal al-Hajj offered Aoun Qatar members a special support at all AAB service outlets as a token of appreciation.
Aoun Qatar president Abdulrahman al-Emmadi thanked AAB - Toyota and recalled that the team was started in 2019 with only 10 members. "Since then so many young people have joined with the help of older experienced members. We started to help people who are stuck in the sand, and subsequently those who have got flat tyres or broken cars. We are here to help any person 24 hours a day 7 days a week”.
During the way back from the ceremony, AAB staff witnessed three rescue missions carried-out by Aoun Qatar.
According to Aoun Qatar, off road driving can be hazardous. Most people get stuck in the desert because they do not know to drive in the thick sand and tidal waters.
To be safe on your trips to the desert, Aoun Qatar offers the following tips:
*. Inform friends or family before taking a day or overnight desert trip. This way, if you run into any issues, people will know that you are “out there”.
*. Make sure your car is desert-ready. Fill up the gas tank, check fluids and water level, verify the tyre treads are in good shape and do not forget to deflate the air in all tyres once near the dunes to accommodate the sandy terrain.
* Carry recovery gear in your vehicle. Have a good-quality “snatch rope” in your car (at least 6m/20 ft) in case another car needs to pull your car out of the sand.
* Stay hydrated. Bring enough water for your group and then double it, just in case!
* Pack non-perishable snacks, a flashlight and a couple of blankets just in case of emergency.
6. Ensure your phone/phones are fully charged before you leave and bring a phone charger that easily plugs into your vehicle lighter.
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