South Korea announced that it will tighten measures to stop the spread of Covid-19, starting from Monday for 4 weeks long.

South korea will focus on containing the Omicron variant of the novel coronavirus till the end of this year as the country started to enforce tightened social distancing measures amid rising daily infections, South Korean Prime Minster Kim Boo-kyum said during a COVID-19 response meeting in Seoul.

"The threat of the omicron variant is becoming apparent," he added.

So far, health authorities have confirmed 12 Omicron cases in South Korea, according to (Yonhap) News Agency.

Kim called for thorough quarantine inspections on arrivals to the country, while conducting swift contact tracing for the omicron variant.

He also said that the government will concentrate on boosting vaccinations, securing hospital beds and expand at-home treatment to alleviate the virus situation.