Community leaders praise Qatar's preparations for World Cup and hail it's growth
December 05 2021 10:49 PM
Clockwise from left: Henry Dimaano, PN Baburajan, Malik Nawar Khan Wazir and Ziad Usman
Clockwise from left: Henry Dimaano, PN Baburajan, Malik Nawar Khan Wazir and Ziad Usman

Leaders of prominent expatriate communities have praised Qatar for adding several achievements to its credit while making preparations for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
Talking to Gulf Times, they noted that Qatar is well prepared for the mega event while expatriate communities are set to join hands with the authorities to make it a grand success by extending support for organising the event, involvement in cultural activities, holding promotional initiatives in Qatar and abroad, and hosting fans.
"Qatar has proven its ability to host the World Cup and the event will be an unforgettable one,” said P N Baburajan, president, Indian Cultural Centre (ICC).
He recalled that the announcement of the mega event was followed by huge investment in various sectors while implementing numerous infrastructure development projects, Doha Metro, metro, advanced public transportation system, new roads, advanced sewage treatment systems and boosting the tourism possibilities.
"Most of the works related to the World Cup have been completed and Qatar is now racing towards a post developed era," Baburajan added.
Pakistan community leader Malik Nawar Khan Wazir noted that Qatar has the ability to face challenges and is well prepared for the World Cup. “Qatar will maintain its supremacy in hosting as well as developing vast and huge stadiums and infrastructure of roads. This has been reflected during the inaugural ceremony of the ongoing FIFA Arab World Cup 2021. It has left a message to the whole world that Qatar has full potential and vigor to hold the sport event,” he said.
“It is undeniable that Qatar has so far soared in various developmental and infrastructure projects in addition to amazing stadiums completed. The preparation and achievements are excellent,” noted Henry Dimaano, founding chairman, Helping Empowering Recognising OFW (HERO Qatar).
Ziad Usman, president, Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF), said that hopes are high while the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is hosted in the region for the first time.
“Preparations are underway as per schedule to host the big event. Stadiums, roads and other infrastructure projects have been almost completed and the remaining works are carried out in an organised and time bound manner. These are on while causing less convenience to the public,” he said adding that the development over the years has been phenomenal. “From only a few buildings in the Corniche to the present skyline is amazing,” he noted.
The leaders said that communities are prepared for the World Cup while planning an array of programmes and getting engaged in promotional activities. “The Pakistani community will join hands with Qatar for the final preparation and we will support Qatar at each step. Our brothers and sisters are ready to serve day and night to make this world cup even more successful and memorable,” said Wazir.
Usman, who noted that the Indian community organisations have planned several cultural and sport events. “Apex bodies and associations have come up with countdown events and programmes to add colour to the ongoing promotional events,” he explained.
Dimaano noted there has been active and strong government-community partnership while it comes to holding the programmes. “The Filipino community always commits our support and collaboration with Qatar in all possible ways whether it’s volunteering or organising promotional events,” he said.
According to Dimaano, Qatar has always supported the Philippines, and especially during natural calamities.”
Baburajan said that communities are ready to welcome the event. “Indian community organisations have started the countdown while organising various promotion programmes, cultural events with participation of the embassy. The Arab Cup witnessed the participation of communities with huge celebrations. Members of the Indian community will be in the forefront while taking part in volunteering, medical support, cultural programmes and sport events,” he said.
The leaders, while thanking Qatar for its support to the expatriates and the steps to ensure their welfare, said that the relationship between the government and the communities is growing.
“Indians always have a special place in the community. The healthcare system is the same for all, whether you are citizen or expatriate. It’s a commendable service that we all received during Covid-19, be it providing essential supplies to the needy, vaccinations, hospital care and setting up quarantine facilities,” Ziad Usman said adding that Qatar government and establishments are always there with a helping hand to India during calamities in the past.
“Indo-Qatar trade and bilateral relations date back since 1973 and is still continuing in various sectors from energy to food and agricultural production,” Usman said.
Wazir noted that Qatar's support to all expatriates is very strong and the country’s leadership is open hearted. "They warmly welcome the Pakistani community. Both nations are flourishing together and we feel like it's our second home. Qatar and the Pakistan governments have joined hands together for the welfare and establishment of many new projects in Qatar and our ties are growing day by day,” he said.
Baburajan explained that Qatar, as well as the communities in the country, have seen major development in ensuring the welfare of the labour community. “Qatar has been protecting everyone in the medical sector. Top level care is provided. Benefits of the infrastructure development are enjoyed by every community. Labour law protects the rights of expatriate employees. New reforms are introduced. New committees are formed to resolve the complaints and participation of community organisations to hear the pleas and resolve the complaints,” he added.

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