The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has made special arrangements to ensure the security of VIPs and teams that take part in FIFA Arab Cup 2021.
"There are 16 special units to secure VIPs and teams," Lt Abdul Mohsen al-Asmar al-Ruwaili, Traffic Transportation Unit Officer at the General Directorate of Traffic, explained.
Addressing the ‘Police with You’ programme on Qatar Radio, he said special traffic and security plans are in place for all aspects of the championship, including six stadiums.
These are in addition to securing the 16 participating teams from the time they arrive in the country until their departure. The 12 hotels housing the teams are secured. So are the permit centre in the Dafna area of Al-Qassar as well as the broadcasting area in the Aspire Zone.
"There is an integrated plan to ensure safety and smooth transportation during the event. Main traffic plans have been made in addition to alternative plans," he said.
In all stadiums, there will be a traffic patrol unit in addition to Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) to ensure the implementation of the plans, the official added.
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