The Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa), represented by the National Programme for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed) in co-operation with Japanese company Marubeni, has launched a smart platform for energy efficiency.
According to an official Kahramaa press statement Saturday, the new platform supports Tarsheed’s efforts to reduce energy consumption in the residential sector by 5%.
This platform comes within the framework of the memorandum of understanding signed between the two parties in April to launch a smart platform that includes a number of interactive electronic control panels to measure the subscriber’s domestic energy usage behaviour. Consumers fill out a questionnaire while specifying the number of devices consuming energy or water. The application helps them develop a typical consumption plan for each housing category according to the number and type of residents and other variables, in addition to providing a smart plan according to the actual house consumption pattern to achieve the targeted reduction for each consumer.
In compliance with Tarsheed’s sustainability goals and in order to reduce harmful carbon emissions and conserve electricity resources, the programme helps all subscribers know about and compare their consumption, work towards energy efficiency and save on their monthly bill. It can be used via the link -
The subscriber only has to enter his/her electricity number in the user name field. The link contains a user guide as well as an awareness film that guides the user step by step to clarify everything related to the platform. The application is currently available in English in its first phase, and work is under way to launch the Arabic version soon.
In case of any enquiries, subscribers can contact [email protected] or message via WhatsApp to 77728600.
Subscribers who use the platform can also collect a number of sustainability points, which they can exchange for incentives and benefits from specific points that Tarsheed will announce later in co-operation with a number of friendly institutions and Tarsheed's partners.
A short text message has been sent from Kahramaa to all its registered subscribers to activate the platform, numbering some 157,000 messages for the residential sector.
The platform comes within the framework of the efforts made by Kahramaa, represented by Tarsheed, to achieve environmental sustainability in accordance with Qatar National Vision 2030, the global sustainable development goals and the Qatar National Environment and Climate Change Strategy.
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