The Early Childhood Centre at Qatar University (QU) marked World Children’s Day on November 20.
World Children's Day allows all people to engage in the task of defending, promoting and celebrating children's rights, and translating them to reflect positively on the standard of children's lives in this world.
Dr Maryam al-Falasi, acting director of Early Childhood Centre, said on this occasion: “The Early Childhood Centre is considered a leading centre at the local and regional levels in the education of pre-school education. We seek to prepare a generation that keeps pace with the developments in our society, and build personality that will enable them to integrate into the world of technology.”

Iman Chaar, Lina Qtish, Samar Abuirsheid

“On November 20, all countries of the world celebrate World Children's Day. The Early Childhood Centre, which is an integral part of Qatar University, is keen to provide educational and psychological support for children. We seek to provide the latest educational programmes for our children to provide them with the necessary skills to achieve leadership as well as the mission of the Qatari society," Dr al-Falasi added.
Amna al-Megheseeb, assistant director of the Early Childhood Centre, said: “Children are safe in our hands and every year we are keen to organise a celebration of World Children's Day by adopting a slogan related to the rights of the child, through which we emphasise the value and importance of the child and the recognition of his/her rights. We are working hard, through this celebration, to integrate the Early Childhood Centre with university departments, other centres and institutions related to children in the local community, as well as parents so that the World Children's Day festival is the product of the concerted efforts of community groups surrounding the child."
Iman Chaar, a preschool teacher, said: “Over the past 15 years, we have been keen in the Early Childhood Centre to hold an annual festival to celebrate World Children's Day. The efforts of the Early Childhood Centre are combined with the College of Education and Qatar University with the aim of integrating children of the centre on that day with their peers from different kindergartens and educational institutions to improve their skills, abilities and mental health. In addition, the centre seeks, through the festival, to build bridges of communication and partnership with parents, kindergartens and various childhood institutions in the country.”
Lina Qtish, a preschool teacher, noted: “Around the world, millions of children are still denied a fair chance in education, health and protection, because of country, gender or circumstances in which they are born. This puts the future of children at risk, and deprivation and inequality persist this threatens the stability of societies and even the security of countries everywhere. This is why it is necessary to pay attention to education, education and culture, which in turn contributes to raising awareness and focus on vocational education that teaches children weak in academic studies professions that will benefit them in the future.”
Samar Abuirsheid, a preschool teacher, added: “Celebrating World Children's Day is a way to emphasise the importance of children's rights - that is by involving them in a set of activities and events that will improve the environment around them and develop the world for the better. Some of these rights are education, protection from all kinds of abuse, and having an adequate standard of living. The occasion also allows all people to engage in the task of defending the rights of the child."