The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) and Msheireb Properties has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for co-operation, to harness art in protecting and promoting human rights, combating racism and spreading a culture of social peace.
The MoU was signed by NHRC Secretary-General Sultan bin Hassan al-Jamali, and the Director of Msheireb Museums Dr Hafiz Ali Abdulla.
The MoU provided for co-operation and co-ordination between the two parties in spreading awareness and education on human rights, with a focus on modern forms of exploitation, in addition to organising joint awareness activities, conferences, seminars and panel discussions on topics related to the common goals of the two parties.
It also intends to organise art exhibitions to spread a culture of human rights in various fields related to rights and duties, and to highlight the values of national identity in respect of the rights of individuals and societies.
Al-Jamali stressed the common role and objectives linked to human rights and museums in preserving the cultural, social and behavioural identity of the human heritage in all its forms to promote the positives from previous civilizations and avoid the negatives, especially with regard to racist practices and tribal strife.
He said the MoU is consistent with the objectives of the NHRC in promoting and protecting rights, preserving human dignity, promoting a culture of equality and non-discrimination, upholding the values of tolerance and justice, in addition to spreading awareness and education on human rights.
For his part, the Director of Msheireb Museums, Dr Hafiz Ali Abdulla, said the memorandum comes within the framework of concerted efforts to achieve the common goals of the two parties, and to work together to raise awareness on one of the most important social issues and to promote initiatives concerned with human rights.
He pointed out that in the next stage, programmes will be prepared to implement the memorandum's agenda.
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