Aspire Zone Foundation, MoI signs agreement for 'You are Important' initiative
November 16 2021 08:08 PM
AZF and MoI officials at the signing ceremony.
AZF and MoI officials at the signing ceremony


Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has signed a 'You Are Important' collaboration agreement Tuesday at the Sports Accelerator at Aspire Zone. The initiative is implemented by the Stadium Security Section at the Authorities and Missions Security Department of the Ministry of Interior (MoI).
Commenting on the agreement, Abdullah Nasser al-Naemi, director general of Aspire Logistics, said AZF is always proactive in searching for new initiatives and excellence in all fields.
"This agreement is a new partnership for the Foundation in a distinct and different field. It is an important and significant step to educate and enhance the society awareness among individuals in sports facilities, especially with the development in sports events and the proximity of the 2022 World Cup, which will attract large numbers of fans from all over the world.”
Dr Ali Khajim al-Athbi, director of the Facilities and Authorities Security Department of the MoI, said: “The management of Aspire Zone is specialised in sports development. Hence this agreement which seeks to raise awareness to the sports security to maintain and sustain the sport.”
The agreement comes within the framework of the Foundation's interest in supporting innovative initiatives and communicating with the community the goals and values of sports. As a part of the corporate social responsibility, AZF is interested in promoting the sports culture and the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which is the aim of the 'You Are Important' initiative.
In collaboration with Aspire Zone, the initiative aims to achieve awareness for enhancing sports security and the pursuit of continuity of sport, promoting a culture of interaction with sporting events, and instilling the values of the initiative and its most important themes (renounce violence and sports intolerance, localise sportsmanship).
AZF has always been committed to providing various services to the community to ensure the preservation of a sustainable lifestyle for future generations, through a long-term view and forward thinking.
'You Are Important' initiative also works in the field of educating sports fans and members of society in general about security and safety procedures in sports stadiums while attending sports competitions and events.

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