The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) organised a training course for Hamad International Airport leaders on international human rights standards at airports, in the Departures hall.This training is the first of its kind and a promising partnership between the committee and the airport.
It comes within the framework of the committee's mandate to hold and organise conferences, seminars, courses and discussion panels on topics related to human rights and freedoms, and within the practices that would promote and protect human rights.
On this occasion, the Director of the NHRC Programmes and Education Department Abdullah Ali al-Mahmoud explained in his opening speech to the training course participants that this event comes within the context of the celebrations of the Qatar Human Rights Day, which coincides with the establishment of the National Human Rights Committee on Nov 11, 2002.
It is an affirmation by the state leadership of its long-established values that the human being is the centerpiece of progress, development and building civilisations.

Al-Mahmoud added that Qatar considers the celebration of Qatar Human Rights Day as an important event to remind the most important principles of respect for the individual and society, and Qatar is used to not going through them unless it puts an imprint that consolidates the message for which NHRC was established, such as awareness, education and knowledge of the most important principles stipulated in international conventions of basic respect for human rights.
Al-Mahmoud added that Islamic societies, should be the first to implement these principles, because Islamic Sharia was approved by 1,400 years ago, as it was proven in many verses of Qur'an and the honourable hadiths of the Prophet (peace be upon him).
In this context, he noted the great cooperation between NHRC and Hamad International Airport, starting with the celebration of International Human Rights Day, and the Arabic calligraphy exhibition on "Human Rights in the Islamic Culture" organized on the occasion of choosing Doha as 'Capital of Culture in Islamic World in 2021', as well as participating in Qatar Human Rights Day, in order to promote the culture of human rights.
He indicated that this training course comes as part of a series of seminars and training lectures organised by the NHRC in the context of its role and mission to establish a culture of human rights in the country, considering that such events would enhance human dignity in Qatar, especially since Hamad International Airport is the main gate to the state and through it the general impression of all visitors is formed, which reflects the extent of Qatar's respect for the human being and its keenness to preserve his dignity.
The training focused on international human rights standards at airports, which airports must apply in their daily work.
The standards relate to respect for human dignity, within the framework of the services provided and treatment, and inspection mechanisms, as well as non-discrimination, the right to treatment for some victims, combating human trafficking, and with regard to the protection of personal data and other definitions.
The training also dealt with the most prominent competencies of the committees, such as studying reports, issuing public comments, fact-finding missions, examining a state party's complaint against another state party, and examining messages submitted by individuals.
Today, the same seminar will be presented to Hamad Airport employees at Msheireb Museums.
These lectures and seminars come as part of a series of human rights awareness activities launched by the committee this month, in conjunction with the celebrations of Qatar Human Rights Day.
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