Qatar Charity announced the launch of its 2021-2022 Warmth and Peace winter campaign under the theme 'Share the Warmth', which aims to reach more than 1.3mn displaced people, refugees, and poor families in 16 Asian, African and European countries, along with workers in Qatar, at a total cost of about QR90mn.
Ahmed Youssef Fakhro, assistant CEO of the Resources and Media Development Sector at Qatar Charity, thanked the philanthropists, companies, and other supporting bodies who supported Qatar Charity's previous campaigns to help millions of vulnerable groups, especially in crisis areas, noting that the campaign will also be implemented in Qatar to provide winter aid to workers.
Nawaf Abdullah al-Hammadi, assistant CEO of the International Operations and Programs Sector, explained that the aid will be distributed to the deserving groups in the targeted countries within the framework of the campaign through Qatar Charity delegations that will visit those countries, its field teams in most of the targeted countries, and its partners in the other countries.
He pointed out that Qatar Charity is distinguished with the presence of more than 30 field offices around the world, which ensures the quick and professional delivery of the aid.
The current season campaign aims to provide support to about 1.326mn people in 16 countries around the world at a total cost of about QR88,500,000, focusing on camps and gatherings of displaced people and refugees, countries that suffer from exceptional circumstances, and colder countries where temperatures reach below zero, al-Hammadi said.
He explained that the focus on refugees and displaced persons, especially Syrians and the Muslim "Rohingya" minority and others, comes as they are more vulnerable than others to be affected by climatic conditions due to their housing-related and difficult living and family conditions.
Abdulaziz Jassim Hajji, director of Marketing, Digital Growth, and Customer Service Departments, spoke about the reasons for naming the campaign "Warmth and Peace", expressing his hope that the campaign — with the support of philanthropists in Qatar — will contribute to alleviating the suffering of vulnerable groups and making their winters warmer and safer.
He touched on the main areas and products of the campaign, which are food, winter supplies, shelter, health, and education, in addition to the means and channels of donation, pointing out that donations can be material or in kind. The targeted countries include Palestine, Pakistan, Bosnia, Albania, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Bangladesh, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Morocco, Afghanistan, India, Yemen, Turkey, and Qatar.
The campaign aims to provide the necessary winter needs for the target groups through several products, including food baskets, winter clothes bags, blankets and covers, heaters, heating fuel, tents, rental and maintenance of homes and personal hygiene bags, in addition to providing the necessary medicines and medical supplies to protect the poor, refugees and displaced persons of children, chronic diseases patients, and urgent cases.
It also aims to support the continuation of education for children and young people in areas of asylum and displacement who have been denied their right to education to ensure a bright future that restores some hope for them and their families. The 2021-2022 'Warmth and Peace', campaign will provide aid to workers in Qatar in appreciation of their contribution to the renaissance of the state, where 4,000 workers will benefit from it, with an estimated value of more than QR1,000,000.
The assistance will include the distribution of winter bags containing winter clothes, blankets, etc., distribution of food baskets, and comprehensive medical examinations, in addition to organizing awareness lectures for them. As part of the campaign, Qatar Charity will organise public and social events and programs in several commercial complexes, including educating the public about the conditions of refugees in the winter season and holding awareness-raising events on the suffering of winter.
It will also organise sports activities inside the state and its proceeds will support the winter campaign, in addition to competitions on some social media platforms.