Qatar-Dominican ties to widen on multiple fronts
November 06 2021 10:12 PM
Dominican ambassador in Doha Georges Bahsa Hazim.
Dominican ambassador in Doha Georges Bahsa Hazim

By Ayman Adly, Staff Reporter

Qatar and the Dominican Republic have fruitful relations and will continue exploring points of co-operation and strengthening commercial ties, Dominican ambassador in Doha Georges Bahsa Hazim has said. "Recently, we have set as the primary mission of our embassy to further promote the great work that has been done on both sides to expand our bilateral exchange. Direct flight from Qatar to the Dominican Republic will come to reiterate the disposition of our countries to become closer friends, quite literally, and we are still in talks with Qatar Airways. I am confident next year we will have many Qataris visiting our beautiful island," he said.
Regarding the areas of potential co-operation, he noted: "The Dominican Republic is a highly productive country and has always been interested in positioning its high-quality products in the best international markets. So, we are always aiming to diversify the products we export to Qatar. Further, we have countless unexploited opportunities of investment that Qataris are already finding interesting, and due to the increased interest, we have assembled a whole week's promotion for investment and cultural expression - Dominican Week - in Qatar from November 15 to 19."

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He stressed that the Dominican Republic has always welcomed tourists to the beautiful tropical country and the launch of a direct flight from Qatar to the Dominican Republic will come to increase the number of visitors "we will receive from Qatar and the region".
The ambassador said the most recent bilateral agreements between the countries are in the fields of tourism, education and co-operation, including the most recent one in air services. All of these contribute to energising the interaction and the bilateral exchange between the two countries.
"From the embassy of the Dominican Republic in Qatar, we take these new advantages to create more investment opportunities and inform the Qatari citizens of all that we have to offer with the prospect that these advancements in our relations increase the interest of our friends across the world," he explained.
The envoy said, "we will be hosting a mix delegation of high-ranking officials and the private sector in the second week of November, to participate in the Dominican Week initiative, wherein we have planned several events, including expert panels on how to do business in the Dominican Republic, besides cultural presentations, an art exhibition of renowned Dominican painters and the Dominican pop-up restaurant with our Michelin-star celebrity chef Maria Marte, open to the public from November 16 to 18."
He said that bilateral trade is still growing and "we are working to create the right platform for the two countries expand the trade offers. At the moment, the main imports from the Dominican Republic have been electrical products, instruments and apparatus used in medical sciences".
As for the sectors with greater potential as well as attraction for Qatar, he said, these include energy, medical products, electronics, textiles and agribusiness, especially fruits, which are seeing an enhanced presence and acceptance in Qatar, among other products.
The ambassador added: "Qatar's leadership has proven to have great influence across the region, supporting constructive and unconditional dialogue to maintain the sovereignty of states within the framework of diplomacy, international law and principles of friendly relations between countries, values shared with the Dominican Republic.
"As a mediator, we strongly value Qatar’s effort towards bringing peace and helping improve the well-being of not just the region but all people affected by these conflicts."

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