Exports of Qatar’s private sector in August 2021 stood at QR1.9bn, showing an over 100% year-on-year (y-o-y) increase from QR929mn, and a 10% month-on-month (m-o-m) increase from QR1.7bn in July, according to certificates of origin issued by Qatar Chamber.
These latest figures appear in the chamber’s latest monthly economic newsletter prepared by Qatar Chamber’s Research & Studies Department, which highlights the most prominent trends in the Qatari economy and trade statistics.
The m-o-m growth in private sector exports was attributed to the increase in exports through the General Model, which grew by 44% from QR918mn in July to QR1.3bn. Similarly, exports through the GPS Model increased by 19% and exports through the Unified Model to Singapore, which amounted to QR63mn.

On the other hand, exports through the Unified GCC Model amounted to QR382.7mn, showing a 44% drop over QR680mn in July. Also, exports through the Unified Arab Model amounted to QR69.9mn, showing a 10% decrease compared to QR78mn in the previous month.
Private sector exports increased y-o-y through the Unified GCC Model, Unified GCC Model, Arab Unified Model, and Singapore by 158%, 91%, 30%, and 736%, respectively, while exports through the GPS decreased by 72%.
In August 2021, Qatar’s private sector exports of aluminium increased by 29% m-o-m and by 37% y-o-y. Essential oils decreased 7% m-o-m but increased 107% y-o-y, while industrial gases exports increased by 105% m-o-m and 776% y-o-y.
Similarly, chemical substances increased sharply by 275% m-o-m and 442% y-o-y. Lotrene exports decreased 3% m-o-m but increased 110% y-o-y. Also, petrochemical exports dropped 10% m-o-m but increased 201% y-o-y. Paraffin exports decreased by 65% m-o-m and 8% y-o-y. Steel exports decreased by 34% m-o-m and by 71% y-o-y; no chemical fertilisers exports were registered in August.
Asian countries, excluding GCC states, were at the top of economic blocs that received private sector exports worth QR872mn with a 46.3% share of the total value, followed by EU states with a 25.2% share and exports worth QR474mn.
The group of GCC states, with exports totalling QR435mn, represented 23.1% of the total value. This was followed by Arab countries, excluding GCC states, which received QR72mn or a 3.8% share. The African countries group, excluding Arab countries, registered exports worth QR30mn or a 1.6% share of the total exports.
Other American countries placed exports worth QR1.1mn or a share of 0.06% followed by other European countries group, which received exports worth QR1.05mn. No exports were received by the US and Oceania group during the said month.
In August 2021, India was the top country of destination of private sector exports with close to QR524mn, a 27.8% share of the total exports. Oman followed with almost QR220mn (11.7% share), Netherlands with about QR184mn (9.7% share), China QR178mn, 9.5% share), and Germany (QR163mn, 8.7%). The value of private sector exports to these countries represented 67.3% of the total value of exports during the same month.
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