College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Police Institute to set a collaboration framework and strengthen the partnership between both parties. The agreement was signed by CNA-Q’s president Dr Salem Al-Naemi and director of the Police Institute Colonel Ali Saud al-Hanzab at the college in the presence of many stakeholders. The MoU addresses five main topics: Academics and education, research, student affairs, training and development in addition to community service.
Under academics and education initiatives, both entities will create a common platform for knowledge sharing and expertise exchange to leverage the quality of education. Faculty will benefit from the available academic resources and work closely to author educational material. The research activity will have a specific focus on science, in addition to producing regular publications covering topics of common interest. Both parties will make their library services and learning resources available and will attend conferences held by either one of them.
The MoU also offers the Police Institute’s students the chance to join CNA-Q and further pursue their education. This step will follow the college’s admission requirements and procedures. Both parties will organise as well different cultural, sports and social activities to engage with students, instill moral values in them and grow their sense of responsibility. The agreement puts forward a plan to develop and carry out training programmes for faculty and employees from both sides with the aim of improving quality of education and driving higher performance.
Dr Al-Naemi said: “ We do believe that individual effort is good but collective effort is better, and for this reason we are pleased to sign this MoU today. This partnership will have a positive impact on the academic outcomes in addition to the economic and societal development.”
He added: “As an institution for excellence in applied education, we believe that this collaboration provides a support for our learning approach. We place high importance on developing students’ skills and offering them hands-on training in the most advanced professional setting.”
Colonel al-Hanzab said: “We aim to train highly qualified officers who will be responsible for maintaining order and building an advanced and sustainable society in accordance with the aspirations of its people. We agreed with CNA-Q to strengthen collaboration on different aspects such as the academic one. The latter consists of exchanging expertise and faculty members and trainers. We will also develop scientific research and benefit from the common learning resources and produce publications covering topics of common interest.”
In addition to the educational development approach, the MoU includes cooperation on community service matters through the organisation of awareness conferences, and investigating social and problematic security phenomena as factors that affect economic and social growth, in addition to resolving such issues.