Dukhan Bank has announced the launch of its new Qatar Mobile Payment service (QMP) via mobile application as a cashless and cardless payment service in view of the increasingly digitally driven financial needs of its customers.
The launch of QMP aligns with Qatar Central Bank’s Qatar Mobile Payments initiative that unifies cashless payments across the board.
The QMP service is available through the Dukhan Bank mobile application linked to customers’ accounts and mobile numbers. Customers can make instant transfers to other wallets within Dukhan Bank and to wallets of customers at other banks that are registered under QMP.
The process is as simple as adding the beneficiary mobile number from the phone ‘Contact List’. Moreover, Dukhan Bank customers can move funds between their QMP wallet and Dukhan Bank accounts freely and hassle-free at any time.
On this occasion, Dukhan Bank said in a statement: “With the popularity of e-wallets rising within local and global markets, and a shift towards digital payment solutions, we are certain that our latest service, QMP, brings our customers the ultimate financial solution they have been looking for. QMP opens the doors to the future by offering complete cashless transactions, empowering customers to manage their transfers and payments instantly, and in the easiest way possible.”
The QMP platform offers Dukhan Bank customers a range of benefits and features, including the ability to make cashless and cardless transactions easily through a secure channel, receive transaction details, make statement enquiries and get SMS notifications for all transactions. The QMP solution aims to enhance its service offerings in the future such as allowing direct payments to merchants and cash withdrawals from ATMs, all directly through the wallet.
The launch of the new digital service is in line with Dukhan Bank’s robust digital transformation that seeks to enhance the value for its customers through new-age solutions, the statement notes.
The bank continues to release a series of technology-driven products and services that make for seamless, simplified banking. The digital transformation has included the launch of the Dukhan Pay (D-Pay) platform that enables contactless payments via Dukhan Bank wearable bracelets, Apple Pay, Fitbit and Garmin devices. Additionally, the mobile application has been upgraded to include integration with The Group.
Dukhan Bank offers one of the most user-friendly mobile applications that provide a uniquely customer-centric banking experience, the statement added. To register for QMP, customers can register through Dukhan Bank’s mobile application available on iOS and Android.
More information is available on Dukhan Bank’s website, www.dukhanbank.com, and helpline number, 800 8555.
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