Hundreds of orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity (QC) in Kyrgyzstan received gifts from their sponsors from Qatar at a ceremony hosted by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education in the capital, Bishkek.
At the ceremony, 700 tablets and 200 school bags containing school supplies and uniforms were distributed in the presence of Nadira Jesupikova, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, and Mohamed Hammam al-Samman, acting director of the Qatar Charity office in Kyrgyzstan.

The gifts offered to orphans came within the framework of QC's 'Guaranteed Need (Alhaja almadmouna)' project.
The project aims to meet the basic needs of orphaned children and fulfil their wishes and falls within the comprehensive care efforts to support orphan children's education and protect them from school dropout. It also aims to link the sponsor with the orphans.
Jesupikova welcomed the orphans and their families and expressed her thanks and appreciation to the Qatari people for their support and assistance to the Kyrgyz people.
She congratulated the sponsored for the valuable gifts they received from their sponsors, noting QC's efforts and fruitful projects in various fields, especially in education in all regions of Kyrgyzstan, praising the existing co-operation between its ministry and Qatar Charity.
Al-Samman expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Ministry of Education and its organisers for hosting this event.
He said, “I am pleased when I see the faces of the sponsored people who have been overwhelmed with feelings of joy and happiness in the souls of their mothers and their families when they receive the gifts offered by their honourable sponsors in Qatar."
The parents of orphans expressed their happiness at the children receiving these valuable gifts.
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