Nakilat has taken delivery of a new build LNG (liquefied natural gas) carrier, “Global Sea Spirit”, which will be commercially and technically managed in-house by Nakilat Shipping Qatar (NSQL).
Built by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) in South Korea, this is the third of four LNG new build carriers to be delivered to Global Shipping Co, a joint venture between Nakilat (60%) and Maran Ventures Inc (40%).
The first two LNG carriers’ new builds (ME-GI type) were delivered in May 2020 and January 2021 respectively and are currently in service.
The delivery of all four new build LNG carriers by 2022 will bring Nakilat’s fleet to 74 vessels, which constitute about 12% of the current global LNG fleet based on carrying capacity.
To date, there are 24 LNG carriers, four liquefied petroleum gas carrier and a floating storage regasification unit vessel being managed and operated in-house by NSQL.
With a cargo carrying capacity of 174,000 cubic metres, “Global Sea Spirit” is the first vessel with X-DF propulsion to join the Nakilat fleet, with the second new build (also with X-DF propulsion) expected to be delivered early next year. Like the ME-GI system, vessels running with X-DF engines propulsion are proven to be more fuel efficient, reduce greenhouse emissions and environmentally friendly due to their low carbon emission.
Like the rest of Nakilat’s fleet, the new build fully complies with all mandatory international and national regulations pertaining to environmental protection. They also have significantly lower boil-off rates, and equipped with onboard reliquefication units, thus providing greater operational flexibility for charterers.
“The addition of this new build vessel featuring advanced safety, containment and propulsion technology will allow us to provide greater fleet capacity and flexibility to our customers," said Nakilat’s chief executive Abdullah al-Sulaiti.
This would give it a greater competitive edge in the dynamic energy transportation sector and further solidify our position as a globally leader in the LNG shipping and maritime industry, he said.
"Moreover, it would significantly contribute to our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and operate in a sustainable manner as we continue to grow our global shipping portfolio," according to him.
Maran Ventures chairperson Maria Angelicoussis said Nakilat has been a strategic partner for many years, and "we are pleased that Global Sea Spirit is the third of four newbuilding LNG vessels joining our successful Global Shipping joint venture."
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