Palestinian ministry criticises global stance on Israeli terror
October 23 2021 11:39 PM
Demonstrators hold Palestinian flags as members of the security forces stand guard during a protest against Israeli settlements in Masafer Yatta, in the occupied West Bank, yesterday.

QNA /Ramallah

The Palestinian foreign ministry criticised the international stances regarding “the terrorism of the Israeli occupation authorities against Palestinian civil society organisations, and the atrocity of its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.”
In a statement issued yesterday, the ministry said the occupying power’s decision to classify six Palestinian human rights organisations as terror organisations constitutes a flagrant aggression against the Palestinian people, their state and laws, noting that these positions are insufficient and not out of the ordinary. 
“The declaration of the United States of America expressing its concern from time to time about the continuous Israeli colonial and settlement behaviour raises many questions about the impact and effectiveness of this concern, which is also expressed by many countries to force the occupying power to stop its violations and crimes.”
The Palestinian foreign ministry stressed the need for the international community to move from “formal and fictitious statements” to real action and binding steps capable of curbing the occupation forces, noting that the usual and ruminated positions, in terms of content and vocabulary, did not succeed in ending the suffering of the Palestinian people, in stopping the settlement projects the speed of which is increasing day by day, in lifting the hand of the occupation forces nor in putting an end to the settlers’ attacks.
In a related development, 400 settlers, with military reinforcements, stormed yesterday the lands of the “Khalat Al-Nahla” area near the village of Wadi Rahal, south of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, and spread in different locations in the area, raising Israeli flags.
Later, the settlers set up six mobile homes “caravans”, and a number of tents in the area.
Last Wednesday, the occupation forces destroyed walls and the building foundation of a house under construction.
It is noteworthy that settlers and occupation forces recently escalated their attacks on the Khalat Al-Nahla area, by setting up mobile homes, tents, and razing lands, as part of the attempts to seize large areas for settlement purposes.

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