* Known for his French-focused cuisine, the chef will host a 'Chef’s Table' every day Michelin-star chef Julien Roucheteau will take part in Qatar Tourism’s 'World Class Chefs' initiative, it has been announced.

Qatar Tourism, in collaboration with Qatar Airways, Qatar Aircraft Catering company (QACC) and Kings of Kitchen, is organising 'World Class Chefs', a two-year-long initiative that aims to host high-profile chefs from around the world with the purpose of exploring investment opportunities by introducing the world’s top culinary talent to the emerging hub of gastronomy in the Middle East.
The first guest chef to participate in this initiative is one of France’s most renowned chefs, Roucheteau, who will be demonstrating his craft and delectable dishes at exclusive 'Chef’s Table' sessions between October 26-30 at IZU restaurant, Mandarin Oriental, Doha in Msheireb Downtown, from 6pm to 8pm and from 8.30pm to 10pm.

There are limited seats available and bookings can be made through the hotel’s website, Qatar Tourism has said in a statement.
Chef Roucheteau is known for crafting the menu of La Table du Lancaster, an exquisite restaurant in the heart of Paris that ended up winning a Michelin star while he was at the helm. He has also exhibited his culinary talent at other top kitchens and restaurants in Paris, including Les Magnolias, Le Diapason and Le Cinq.
Chef Roucheteau specialises in preparing sophisticated light courses rooted in French cuisine. In addition to winning a Michelin star, he has won various coveted culinary accolades, including 'le challenge culinaire du Président de la République' and 'le prix Zepter'.
"As part of its mandate to regulate and develop the tourism sector, Qatar Tourism is working closely with its partners across the public and private sectors to help build products that showcase Qatar’s varied offerings and support local entrepreneurs by showcasing their offerings and compete with the world’s best," the statement adds.