Behavioral Healthcare Centre now a QFSW-affiliated entity
October 18 2021 11:49 PM
Behavioral Healthcare Centre now a QFSW-affiliated entity
Officials mark the occasion

Qatar Foundation for Social Work (QFSW) has announced the accession of Behavioral Healthcare Centre (BHC) as one of its affiliated centres, taking the number of entities under its direct supervision to eight.
The decision is in alignment with the efforts of the centres operating under the supervision of the foundation to "contribute to a better recruitment of expertise and for interoperability between them to serve the target groups and the general community", according to a press statement.
Moreover, this will enhance the values of the foundation aimed at strengthening the bonds of society, preserving its elements and cohesion, including all its groups and responding to its various challenges, the statement notes.
"We are gratified to announce that a distinguished centre has joined our specialised centres. Now, our scope of work has become more expansive and distinct, rendering more integrated services. At the present time, it includes support for family stability, care for orphans, child and women protection, youth empowerment, care and rehabilitation of people with disabilities and elderly care, thus adding to us another key specialisation, which is supporting behavioural health and disorders in community members," said Ahmed al-Kuwari, CEO of QFSW. "The accession of such a successful entity as Behavioral Healthcare Centre will definitely enrich our mission in serving our community and enhancing the capacities of social work in Qatar.
“In the forthcoming period, we will team up on a broad scale and at the highest level with BHC in order to provide well-informed
consultations and supervision, which will lead to integration in service provision as well as benefits from the expertise when the affiliated centres operate in conjunction with each other in providing treatment and rehabilitation services to different segments of
"Such collaboration will generate better opportunities for everyone and open wider horizons to exchange experiences and assemble
lessons learned in providing services to the target groups.”
BHC was established with the aim of providing effective awareness, treatment, rehabilitation and training services in the field of behavioural health, upgrading services directed to persons with behavioural disorders in the community, preparing highly qualified cadres in the field of behavioural and cognitive therapy, and concluding effective partnerships with various institutions for aftercare and reintegration.

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