Qatar participated in the joint meeting between the Nato Council and Istanbul Co-operation Initiative (ICI) countries which was held in Brussels to discuss the latest developments in Afghanistan.
Minister Plenipotentiary at Qatar's mission to the European Union, Nadia Ahmad al-Sheebi, delivered Qatar's speech at the meeting.
Al-Sheebi stressed the great contributions of Qatar to the evacuation operations that took place in Afghanistan and the accommodation of the stranded, and touched on the need to protect civilians and to secure a humanitarian corridor from Afghanistan to the rest of the world, that preserves the right to freedom of movement, stressing the importance of continuing work and efforts to strengthen the comprehensive political consensus in Afghanistan and to distance it from any political matters.
She affirmed that Qatar will spare no effort to support the Afghan people via co-operation and co-ordination with its Afghan and international partners and the UN agencies, and called on all the countries and international organisation to show full solidarity to the Afghan people.
In turn, members of the Nato Council hailed the prominent role played by Qatar in the evacuations and shelter efforts for those from Afghanistan.
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