QCS partners with Al Darwish Jewellery for ‘Ya Shafi’ initiative
October 14 2021 12:17 AM
QCS launches ‘Ya Shafi’ initiative.
QCS launches ‘Ya Shafi’ initiative.

Al Darwish Jewellery, in co-operation with Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) and Kiswah Jewellers, launched the ‘Ya Shafi’ initiative to raise awareness about breast cancer, one of the most common types of cancer among women in Qatar and worldwide.
Al Darwish Jewellery donated over 400 gold and silver bracelets for cancer patients, designed specifically for this initiative with the phrase ‘Ya Shafi.’
An awareness event was organised at QCS headquarters which included a workshop about breast cancer, presenting the story of a woman living with breast cancer.
Abeer Abdallah al-Darwish, CEO of Al Darwish Jewellery, said: "Al Darwish Jewellery believes that our role is not only to provide a specific good or item to the Qatari market but also to ensure joint venture efforts with all institutions working in different sectors, especially in health and social welfare.”
Mona Ashkanani, director general of QCS, expressed her gratitude to Al Darwish Jewellery for launching this initiative, which would support women living with breast cancer, raise awareness of cancer, and emphasise the importance of community partnerships in spreading the vision of QCS to the community and making Qatar a leader in cancer prevention.
Heba Nassar, from the Health Education Department at QCS, presented the warning signs and symptoms of breast cancer, risk factors that increase the possibility of infection, methods for early detection of the disease, and the efforts of Qatar to fight the disease.
She presented the latest statistics of breast cancer in Qatar, according to Qatar National Cancer Registry at the Ministry of Public Health. Accordingly, breast cancer is the highest diagnosed cancer among both genders from all nationalities in 2020. There were 382 newly diagnosed breast cancer cases with 3% of cases among males and 97% among females.

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