Place Vendôme, the Parisian-inspired development that brings retail, leisure, entertainment and luxury in a one-stop family destination, will open on February 2 next year, according to project co-founder Abdulaziz al-Rabban.
He said this while speaking to social media personality Khalid Jassim during a tour of the project in Lusail City recently.

The project will comprise a mall, three hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, stores of international brands of 1,000sqm size each, a fully air-conditioned outdoor area, daily laser shows and fountains, and others.
A related video posted on the Twitter account of Lusail City provides further insight into the project.
"About maybe 10 years (ago), this idea started. We thought that the home of luxury in Paris is Place Vendôme, and we thought that this was a good starting point ... how could we translate that here in Qatar," said project director Sean Kelly.
"We first introduced our ideas and our concept in a roadshow in 2014, we engaged with all the brands, and they loved it,” he said.

“They were in love with this idea of a Parisian-inspired mall, and they said to us that we need to be able to express our brand in its fullness, in its entirety," Kelly recalled. "We started to put together Place Vendôme inspired by Paris and various parts of Paris, Place Vendôme itself, the forms and shapes of Paris, its domes and arches, symmetry – we could take all the elements and would form a very strong component.”

“Then, if we ask families to come here, there is something here for everybody,” he said. “We are in Lusail, incredibly well-connected, with roads, bridges, tunnels, trams; after all, Lusail is a network, so we feel that we are part of that overall community that will definitely be Lusail.”
“I promise them excitement, entertainment and variety,” Kelly added.
Place Vendôme, a mixed-use development, "pays ode to the famous high-end shopping street in Paris, Rue de la Paix”, where Place Vendôme originated.
It “will include 1,000,000sqm of retail, leisure, entertainment and luxury in a one-stop family destination by the seafront", according to a description of the mall.
Place Vendôme is a project of United Developers, a group of four Qatari investors who have partnered to align their expertise in retail, real estate, construction, and contracting.
United Developers envisions Place Vendôme as a “groundbreaking example” of the entrepreneurship, vision and energy of Qatari commitment to the nation’s development.