* Collaboration to accelerate Qatar’s journey towards fully sustainable hospitality industry

Qatar’s commitment to supporting both the concept of sustainability and progression towards a sustainable hospitality sector in the country was bolstered Saturday by a new partnership between Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), a member of Qatar Foundation, and Qatar Tourism.
The two parties have agreed to collaborate to embed sustainability into all areas of the country’s hospitality industry and ensure that it is a key priority moving forward, a press statement noted.

QGBC director Meshal al-Shamari said, “We are delighted to partner with Qatar Tourism as we both recognise how important sustainability is to Qatar and its future. We have a clear interest in making a sustainable hospitality sector a reality, and our cooperation is a significant step towards this. We are proud of the part we are playing in helping our nation to establish a post-hydrocarbon, knowledge-based economy and progressive society that puts sustainability first.”
As part of the agreement, both parties have identified a number of targets that they will work to achieve. These include integrating the ‘Green Key’ award, an international eco-label for tourism facilities, and the ‘Eco-event’ award, a rating system that provides measurable guidelines for organising a variety of low carbon events.
These initiatives aim to become the leading standard of excellence in Qatar in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. Other areas of collaboration include data sharing, promoting media stories, which highlight both parties’ achievements, and developing a two-way framework designed to facilitate exchanges in tourism-related activities.
Omar al-Jaber from Qatar Tourism said, “We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with QGBC. As stewards of the tourism sector, Qatar Tourism is committed to the sustainable development of the sector. As our award-winning hospitality sector grows, with ever more offerings, we are eager to work together to ensure sustainable practices.
“At Qatar Tourism, we endeavour to deliver service excellence across the visitor journey. Sustainability is a key element of that, as we work towards reducing our environmental footprint while continuing to offer unparalleled visitor experiences.”
The 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament will have a heavy focus on sustainability, and this collaboration will offer the hospitality industry in Qatar the tools it will need to maximise its sustainability efforts. This will be a major factor in creating a healthier, more sustainable environment for Qatar’s residents and visitors alike, and will help build a unique legacy for the country.
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