Candidates intensify campaign focused on key issues facing society
September 20 2021 01:17 AM

As the polling day draws nearer, Shura Council election candidates are intensifying their efforts to promote their campaign programmes and reach out to voters.
The candidates have been keen to address the key issues of concern for the local society, expressing their intention to promote such issues and adopt legislative tools that would help improve the lives of people, give a further push to the country’s progress and development, and provide easy access to high-quality services to the public.
Most of them have stressed that their main aim is to serve the nation and citizens and help in realising the desired development and progress of the country, especially regarding legislations and regulations that would sustain such progress.
According to multiple reports in local Arabic daily Arrayah, the candidates are enthusiastic about their possible future assignments and consider them, above all, a national duty.  
Ali bin Shabib al-Attiyah, a candidate for the 18th constituency, said he will work - through the Shura Council membership, if elected - to draft a law that enhances transparency and control over different executive entities, in addition to laws that would protect the national identity and heritage.
Regarding economic and business issues, he said he hopes to introduce new legislation supporting local investment in agriculture, industry, livestock and fisheries.
Hassan Abdulla Salman al-Saigh, a candidate for the 11th constituency, said nomination for the upcoming Shura Council election entails great responsibilities towards the country and its people. He said he aimed to discuss issues facing the society and devise flexible ways to resolve them through the proper legislative tools.
Al-Saigh added that he would focus on issues related to education, health, retirement and encouraging Qatari youth to pursue their postgraduate studies while giving women more active roles within the society.
Ibrahim Bu Matar al-Muhannadi, a candidate for the 20th constituency, said gradual change for the best is his motto. So, if he makes it to the Council, he will participate towards amending some legislations to extend their protection to all categories of the society as he has good legal expertise.
Among his priorities will be enhancing the rights and privileges of the elderly that would guarantee their well-being. He will also work to introduce more laws for the protection of women and children against any potential family violence.
Al-Muhannadi said he wants to further develop services at Al Khor Hospital as well as set up court and public prosecution branches for the benefit of people in his constituency, Al Khor.
Nasser bin Ali bin Hay al-Malki al-Jahni, a candidate for the 4th constituency, said he will address the issue of bounced cheques and its negative impact on the local market, in addition to focusing on creating more jobs for young people. He also stressed the need for engaging more sophisticated technology for the benefit of users of government services to give the public a hassle-free experience.
Further, al-Jahni said he will also pay more attention to family issues as the stability of the family means stability and security for the whole society.
Aisha Hammam Salim Mubarak al-Jassim, a candidate for the 12th constituency, said her programme focuses on issues that include education, health, women’s rights, retirement and young people. She wants to promote the introduction of more laws that would encourage young Qataris to go for medical education and work in the health sector.
She would also work to amend the family law regarding custody, marriage and divorce and other issues of interest to the women’s cause. Further, al-Jassim stressed that she would work to further enhance the local economy to create more jobs.
Khalid Mubarak al-Dulaimi, a candidate at the 13th constituency, said as a former diplomat and businessman, he has ample experience that could be utilised in the Shura Council to serve the nation and its people.
He said he wants to promote a public sense of being positive towards participation in public life and active interaction between members of the Shura Council and the people they represent, so that they can adopt laws and regulations that would reflect their true will and desire.
In practice, he would focus on economic and social development, and offer citizens high-quality public services in all fields.
The Shura Council election is due to be held on October 2.

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