The first edition of the Phoenix Games fitness competition is being organised by Erada Fitness and Diverse Sports and will take place at Aspire Zone from September 24-26.
 “This is the first competition of its kind to take place in Qatar, marking a historic moment for sporting events in the country. We will see 200 athletes, representing over 35 nationalities, competing to test their strength through conditioning workouts and functional movements, all performed at high intensity. The level of competition we are going to see in all categories will be extraordinary,” said Khalid Nabina from Erada Fitness.
For the Phoenix Games, Erada Fitness teamed up with Diverse Sports, founders of Esrar Race. Ahmad al-Khanji from Diverse Sports spoke about the importance of the collaboration. “It’s important that we are catering to the interests of the community by offering high quality sporting events. When it comes to gyms, Erada Fitness is unparalleled in Qatar, so the Phoenix Games is truly a perfect collaboration between 2 Qatari-owned businesses.”
Similar to other functional fitness competitions, the Phoenix Games will consist of 6 training events that will be divided into 2 days for the male competition, with a separate day dedicated specifically for the female competition. Athletes will compete for cash prizes worth over QR100,000. Prizes for the male competition will be awarded to top individuals, Qatari individual, teams, and Qatari teams.  For females, the prizes will be awarded to the top teams, with separate prizes for the best Qatari teams.  
For his part, Ahmed Mohamed al-Hassan, Director of Venues & Federations said: “We are pleased to be the organisers and official sponsor of the Phoenix Games at Aspire Ladies Sports Hall. We, at the Foundation, support innovative events that create an interactive and exciting atmosphere between the community and the participants. We wish success to all the participants in the championship and hope to host it in the coming years.”
The Phoenix Games is open to the public, and on the sidelines of the event will be Vendor’s Village, featuring some of the most popular Qatari restaurants and cafes. The timings of the events are:
Friday Sep 24 (open to all): 9am-10:30am, 2pm-8pm; Saturday Sep 25 (open to all): 10am-4:30pm; Sunday Sep 26 (open to women only): 3pm-8:30pm.

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