QIIB wins UK-based GIFA award
September 18 2021 07:10 PM
QIIB wins UK-based GIFA award

The UK-based Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) committee has bestowed ‘Excellence Award’ on QIIB for the best product in corporate and business credit cards` segment for the year 2021.
This is in respect of the value addition it provides to the target group of customers, as well as the bank’s leading role in the domain of Islamic banking.
QIIB was given the “coveted” award from a “pool of strong contenders” as part of Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) committee honouring leading banks for their quality customer-centric services and products in the Islamic banking sector, the bank said.
Explaining the rationale behind choosing QIIB for the award, the committee emphasised that the credit cards for businesses and companies launched by QIIB constituted a qualitative addition and were an appropriate response to customer requirements.
These are also in line with the rapid development of credit card payments on a global scale.
The committee noted that QIIB, in general, attaches great importance to innovation and modernisation, which is reflected on the continuous roll out of quality add-ons to the list of products and services that target various categories of clients.
On the award, QIIB CEO, Dr. Abdulbasit Ahmad al- Shaibei said, “Getting appreciation and a positive feedback from our customers and observers and other experts, makes us happy and motivates us to do more and aspire for more achievements. On this occasion, however, we wish to emphasise that the successes we are attaining, and the appreciation we are receiving, are mainly due to the Qatari economy, which provides us the appropriate conditions for development and growth. They also reflect on our attaining goals that have been set as part of our plans and strategies.”
Dr al-Shaibei said, "While we thank the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) committee for giving us this recognition, we actually feel a great sense of responsibility as an Islamic financial institution tasked with providing solid contributions for the development of Islamic banking services and products in both the retail and corporate segments. We also acknowledge the fact that we need to continue with our good work and meet the aspirations and needs of our growing and influential clientele, continually.  
He pointed out, "The past period was full of challenges, but it taught us that these challenges can be turned into real and potential opportunities with diligence, determination and hard work. It is worth mentioning that the achievements we make and appreciation we receive during exceptional and challenging circumstances are greater than those in normal situations.
The CEO affirmed, "QIIB will continue its efforts to provide the latest products and services to its customers of various categories, while keeping pace with the latest developments in global banking technology in order to maintain the bank's position, enhance its financial position, achieve more growth rates and keep up with the incredible growth momentum of the Qatari economy."

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