Drugs Enforcement Dept, MoI organise awareness symposium on drugs
September 16 2021 08:55 PM
Drugs Enforcement Department
Drugs Enforcement Department


The Studies and International Affairs Department at the Drugs Enforcement Department has organised, in collaboration with the Interior Ministry's Public Relations Department, a virtual awareness symposium on drugs and means of preventing its usage.

The symposium came in the context of awareness on the harms and hazards of drugs providing information about narcotic substances, their types and negative impact on individuals, the family and the community as well as the nature of the addicted person and means of uncovering of addiction cases and means to address them. It also provided a briefing on the strategy adopted by the department which is based on reducing the illegal demand and supply of drugs and psychotropics.

The department also reviewed a host of issues related to mechanisms of the distribution of medicines and their abuse, in addition to the negative impact of addiction and the available solutions in cooperation and coordination with the remedial and rehabilitative institutions as well as a host of guidelines that contribute to curbing medicines and medical drugs abuse .

The symposium also discussed the approved measures and controls regarding the check of medicines containing drugs and psychotropics as well as medicines that arrivals into Qatar are not allowed to obtain and the carrying of other persons' items before knowing their contents in order to avoid legal responsibility. It also explained some legal texts that incriminate drugs and psychotropics trafficking and the psychological deterioration caused by abuse in addition to the humanitarian factor with regard to care and cure of addicted persons, noting that the state has provided a specialized centre for the treatment of addiction and rehabilitation that copes with the highest international standards in this field.

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