Shura Council candidates start campaigning
September 15 2021 11:47 PM
Shura Council

As the Supervisory Committee of the Shura Council Elections announced the final lists of candidates for the elections Wednesday, the candidates have started to reach out to voters through all available media platforms, including Qatar TV and various channels on social media.
Qatar TV hosts the candidates of some constituencies to talk about the plans and programmes for their campaigns, giving each candidate the opportunity to express his or her views, with all candidates having equal opportunity, which is part of the free services given to the candidates to maintain communication with the voters and introduce themselves. All the necessary measures have been taken by the authorities concerned to make these elections send only highly qualified candidates to the council.
Accordingly, the final lists of approved candidates include 284 names, 28 of them women. Constituency No 20 has the largest number of candidates - 21 and three of them women. The fifth constituency has the least number of candidates, one candidate only, who is considered uncontested winner even before the voting process starts.
The largest number of women candidates, five, is seen in constituency No 22 while the overall number of constituencies with women candidates amounted to 15.
The first constituency has only two candidates, the second three, the third 18 with three women among them and the fourth constituency has four candidates. The 6th constituency has four candidates. Further, the 7th constituency has 15 candidates with one woman , the 8th seven candidates with one woman  and the 9th has 10 candidates with one woman as well.
The 10th constituency  has two candidates, the 11th eleven candidates with two women, and the 12th has 15 candidates with two women . The 13th constituency has seven candidates, the 14th three and the 15th 10 candidates with two women among them. As for the 16th constituency, it has 13 candidates, and the 17th constituency has 13 candidates with three women. There is only one woman at the 19th constituency among the 19 candidates. The 20th constituency has the largest number of candidates compared to all the others in the country with 21 candidates, and three of them are women.  The 21st constituency has only eight candidates. The 22nd constituency has 20 candidates including five women. The 23rd constituency has 12 candidates, the 24th eight candidates including a woman, the 25th 11 candidates including one woman , the 26th six candidates with one woman, and the 27th four candidates with one woman. There are 12 candidates in the 28th constituency, 10 in the 29th and nine in the 30th constituency.
While the competition looks very strong among the candidates in the upcoming Shura council elections, the related law and regulations strictly make it clear that the process of campaigning should remain highly ethical and the candidates have to abide by the rules and standards of the local traditions, promoting mutual respect among all the members of the society, avoiding any reference to religious, tribal or social differences as all the candidates would enjoy the same privileges, rights and services on an equal and fair basis.
Further, it has become clear over the recent period that the awareness level of the local society is very high on these issues and the eligible voters would prefer the public good above all other considerations. The Qatari people see this as a historic and pivotal moment in the history of their country and it is clear that they are determined to make it a historic success as well.  The full lists of the candidates could be viewed at

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