Abdulrahman Abdulqader’s long-time coach Ahcene Bouteldja feels his ward is a self-motivated athlete and gave credit of his success to his determination and will to win.
“He is a very motivated person. He always wants to give his best and he knows how to seize the big moments,” Bouteldja told the Gulf Times.
Despite an injury to his left wrist, Abdulqader put on quite a show at the recent Tokyo Games to win his second Paralympic medal, and is now on a mission to win the elusive gold medal.

“The competition is getting tougher every year. We are also improving and I am determined to win the gold medal in Paris. I know to achieve that I have to work harder and I am ready for that,” Abdulqader said.
And the coach also thinks the target is a gettable one.
“Yes it is tough but it is not impossible, I must say it is very much possible,” the Algerian, who is associated with the Qatari athlete since the start of his career.
Talking about his ward's performance in Tokyo, he said, “Yes we were aiming for gold after Rio silver, but considering his injury and other circumstances, it was a remarkable achievement. And after all a medal is a medal.”
Abdulqader credits Bouteldja for being the most influential person in his career.
“He has been with me since the start of my career in 2008. It is an 18-year-long association with him. He has played a very important role in my success,” said the athlete, who started as a javelin thrower.
Apart from the Paralympic Games, Abdulqader has also won gold at the 2017 IAAF World Championships in London, and at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games under Bouteldja’s tutelage.
Abdulqader also thanked Qatar Paralympic Committee, his coach and his physio for the support provided during his journey.
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