The Supervisory Committee for the Shura Council elections announced the final list of candidates expected to run for the Shura Council elections, scheduled on October 2.

The final list announced Wednesday, after the end of the period for submitting grievances and objections to the preliminary statements, includes 284 candidates, 28 of them women, for thirty electoral districts.

The Candidates can start their electoral campaigns now in accordance with the legally established rules and regulations. The campaigns will end 24 hours before the start of the polling process.

The Ministry of Interior, in coordination with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, has allocated a number of gymnasiums and youth centers to hold seminars and present electoral programs for candidates. A candidate also has the right to hold a seminar in a hotel at his personal expense and after notifying the Supervisory Committee.

As part of the facilities, Qatar Media Corporation launched last August a new website that allows candidates to appear in the media through multiple media platforms, with equal opportunities, to present themselves and their programs to the voters in the electoral districts through the institution. The services include personal photography, an introductory video for the candidate and his electoral program, audio recording, graphic design, a television interview, and a radio interview.
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