Vodafone Qatar has introduced new and enhanced features to its Software Defined Network (SDN) solution to offer businesses an increased level of agility, control, and efficiency and to power the future of digital transformation in Qatar.
To improve business operations, Vodafone SDN transforms traditional connectivity into a smart network. Instead of using manual configurations, the technology intelligently manages an organisation’s entire network across multiple locations and provides automatic management and visibility of applications and tasks, all the while ensuring higher security levels. This reduces complexities, increases control, and enables better performance tracking to deliver the best user experience.
Smart connectivity is fundamental to being able to adopt future technologies and achieve digital transformation. Whether a business is expanding into new markets, disrupting its sector, or increasing productivity, Vodafone’s innovative solutions provide the flexibility, control, and visibility to take advantage of the next wave of innovation and stay ahead of the competition, in line with specific business priorities and capabilities.
Vodafone SDN now comes in two variations: The new SDN Enterprise, which is based on a local network, and the cloud-based SDN Business. Both versions are now available with their respective feature sets and are compatible with any connectivity type including fixed, wireless, or via any third party.
With the new advanced features on SDN Enterprise, businesses will be able to manage their network performance through a dedicated dashboard. The network is configured centrally, meaning changes can be automated and implemented quickly, in response to new business and application demands.
For example, a business can combine fixed and wireless connectivity as a complete end-to-end solution, manage their priorities, and control their allocated bandwidth at different locations, all based on their specific needs to ensure maximum efficiency. Additionally, Vodafone SDN always guarantees a secure and reliable connection due to in-built encryptions and security features.
Mahday Saad al-Hebabi, Business Services director, Vodafone Qatar, said: “At Vodafone, we’re always striving to provide our enterprise customers with the latest cutting-edge technologies to support their business goals. This is especially important as they adapt to new ways of working following the challenges of the past year, which have demonstrated the ever-critical role of connectivity and technology in keeping society, businesses, and governments connected.
“Our SDN solution delivers greater operational efficiencies, as well as providing a future proof, cost efficient, and smart network that can support their digital transformation efforts and increase their responsiveness to changing customer and market demands.”
To find out more about the Vodafone SDN solution, visit www.vodafone.qa/business or reach out to your dedicated account manager.
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