Tailors' shops see demand surge for school clothes
August 22 2021 10:29 PM
Tailors' shops are seeing a demand surge for thobes for school students. PICTURES: Ram Chand.
Tailors' shops are seeing a demand surge for thobes for school students. PICTURES: Ram Chand.

Tailors' shops across Doha have started to witness a surge in demand for thobes (Qatari men's clothing) as the beginning of the school academic year (2021- 2022) draws closer.
A number of tailors told local Arabic daily Arrayah that there is demand from both Qatari and expatriate parents with the school year set to start on August 29.
All outlets have sufficient stock of fabric and readymade thobes for the common sizes as some parents prefer to buy readymade clothes while others opt for tailored ones for their children.
Though the demand has increased lately, the price of fabrics of different varieties and the tailoring charges have remained almost unchanged for a long time, tailors said.
The prices for one piece range from QR35 to QR50, while most parents order around five to six thobes for each child. The tailors at many shops stressed that the local market has abundant stocks of affordable fabrics often imported from Japan, Indonesia, China, Thailand and other countries. The readymade thobes could be sold for QR50 each for small sizes and QR65 for the big sizes.
Mohamed Rashid, a tailor, said he even expects more demand over the coming days as the date for school re-entry draws closer.
Saleh al-Senadi, a parent, pointed out that children are very enthusiastic to go back to school. Buying new clothes makes them happier. "However, parents should be careful to instruct their children to abide by the precautionary and preventive measures against Covid-19," he cautioned.
Mohamed Jamal, another tailor, said the demand on new clothes has surged after the return of families from abroad after the summer holidays. He said that the prices for a small size thobe could be up to QR35 including both the tailoring charges and the fabric prices and QR130 for a big thobe.
Abdulla Mohamed, a parent, stressed that he personally goes for getting thobes stitched as the tailored ones are higher in quality, though the readymade ones are cheaper.

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