Three Qatar Foundation artists have expressed their solidarity to raise awareness of the Palestinian crisis using digital art.
According to Qatar Foundation website, Jaber Henzab, a Texas A&M University at Qatar alumnus, draws unique sketches over photos of Qatar. Henzab feels that it is his duty as an artist to raise awareness of the conflict by using his Instagram account as a platform.
“I have two works on Palestine. One of which I came across a photo of a young Palestinian girl hugging a baby doll by her family’s home in Gaza, which had been destroyed. I was deeply affected as the father of a daughter of a similar age to the girl in the photo. So I drew the girl hugging Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, representing Qatar and other countries’ support and compassion towards the people of Palestine,” said, Henzab.
“The second artwork I created while watching the news about Gaza on Al Jazeera’s Instagram account was an image of smoke coming out of an explosion – and I saw a girl there. The message being that there are children in these buildings who are killed every day, and they are like our children,” he continued.
Graphic designer, Bothayna al-Zaman is a Northwestern University in Qatar alumnus who sells her own brand of stickers and t-shirts at the National Museum of Qatar. Al-Zaman was among many designers and illustrators who participated in the #ArtForPalestine social media campaign.
“This is my first time reacting to a political issue through my art. Sometimes you feel like you are hopeless, and you want to do something about it. I wanted to help, so I did what I am good at,” said, al-Zaman.
She used her unique style to capture the Palestinian culture, the people, and the heritage. Al-Zaman’s artwork gained interest and engagement from people outside of Qatar.
“A girl from South Africa and a French account reposted my work, as well as a few Americans. I did not talk to them, but I hope that it moved them or encouraged them to learn more about the issue. And this was the main purpose behind it, for me was to raise awareness about what is happening.”
Hazem Asif is a Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar alumnus who studied graphic design. He began a series on Instagram called “Artists for Resistance,” which brings together local and international artists, designers, and change makers to tell unconventional stories of resistance and social change through their creative practice.
“I aim to highlight and archive the creative narratives of local and international artists and designers despite their gender, ethnicity, or culture,” Asif added. “With my work, I brought attention to social and political movements happening in Sudan, Kashmir, Black Lives Matter, Covid-19, and currently the apartheid in Palestine.”
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