Shaeqee Ne Fun to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day online
August 05 2021 08:38 PM
Anwar Masood, left, and Zahid Munir Amir
Anwar Masood, left, and Zahid Munir Amir

Shaeqee Ne Fun Doha, one of the leading literary and cultural organisations of the Pakistani community in Qatar, will hold an online Jashne Azadi programme at 7pm in Doha on August 14, to celebrate Pakistan's 75th Independence Day.
Syed Ahsan Raza Shah, Pakistan's ambassador to Qatar, will be the chief guest. Mohamed Atiq, chairman, Shaeqee Ne Fun, will preside over the event. The programme will be compered by reputed Pakistani poetess Dr Ambareen Haseeb Amber.
Shaeqee Ne Fun, Doha was established by Malik Museeb ur Rehman, in 1993 with the sole objective to promote Pakistan's art and culture. The founder passed away in 2006.
''In order to celebrate the occasion in a befitting manner, we have invited two special guests from Pakistan. Prof Anwar Masood is a renowned poet known for his comic poetry. His works include other genres as well. He speaks and writes in Urdu, Punjabi and Persian languages. The other guest is Dr Zahid Munir Amir, a renowned scholar, poet, critic, researcher and media expert. He will deliver a lecture on Pakistan Studies. He is currently professor of Urdu Language and Pakistan Studies at Oriental College of University of the Punjab, Lahore,'' Mohamed Atiq told Community.
Masood’s poetry is known for the unique use of everyday, commonplace phrases and wording that is instantly relatable for masses in the region. Numerous of his Punjabi lines and phrases have actually become a figure of speech in everyday conversations. The most prominent feature of his expression is the poignancy buried deep in humour, making his poetry one of its kind. The nuance of tragedy in his poems is a reflection of social injustice, discriminations and personal misfortunes of his characters. This is why he, himself commented: “Real laughter is one that sheds tears when squeezed”.
Dr Zahid Munir Amir, on the other hand, has worked as professor and chairperson of Urdu and Pakistan Studies Chair, Faculty of Languages and Translations at Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt. He is the founder of Zafar Ali Khan Chair in the Institute of Communications Studies at the University of the Punjab. Presently, he is working as professor of Urdu language and literature at University Oriental College, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

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